Sabertooth Frag

This is Frag the squirrel! The game is still in alpha stage of development so come support the development!



Musical, arcade, space battles! You'll find all this in our project - Viberift!



Today, 21.4.13, Dreamteck HQ starts. Some things are yet unfinished but most of the site works normaly.


From the blog

Because we aim to be on Greenlight soon, we decided to make a short video in which to share some  of our Greenlight research with you.


What relationship? What distance? See for yourselves:


As a true programmer, I sometimes handle design tasks. And I’m not talking about insignificant stuff but rather serious things which fall into your sight as soon as you enter our website or a game of ours. An example for this is the team logo, which I made in collaboration with one of our ex-artists or our games’ user interface... you got the point!

Now I’m telling you that not to show off but to let you know why the hell am I making a logo design post and not somebody else from the team (for example Val)

So moving onto the topic:

Not long ago we changed the name of Sonic Breach and now the game’s called Viberift, fiddle-faddle, you know that already. The problem is that changing the name comes with changing the game’s emblem. You can’t have the game named Viberift and the logo saying “Sonic Breach”. And so the creative process began with a team brainstorm about what should the game emblem be like. In the end we agreed that it should consist of two components: A standalone element which can be used on it’s own apart from the logo and a text part containing…well…the name of the game – ...