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Dreamteck Splines

Dreamteck Splines is our new tool for the Unity engine.Follow splines, create geometry, control particles and much more.



Make the music your most powerful weapon in the high-speed space fights of our first original project - Viberift!


Sabertooth Frag

This is Frag the squirrel! The game is still in alpha stage of development so come support the development!





Last weekend we were in Plovdiv. We were invited in Hackafe to hold a lecture on Level Design. The lecture went great and there were many games which we got to play. Here's a small fraction of what happened:


We're very excited because Viberift is in TOP5 most anticipated Bulgarian games of the year! And all that happened because of your awesome support, guys!

We know that lately there hasn't been much progress in the game's development and Viberift is about to become the most anticipated Bulgarian game of the decade. That's because the game's development was frozen the past few months. That was due to the lack of funding and team members. This however is changing as we speak and we'll be showing new content from Viberift very soon!

You can vote for Viberift again HERE and help make it the №1 most anticipated Bulgarian game of the year!

In honor of Viberift reaching TOP5, we made a short deathmatch video in which my colleagues and I engage into music-driven battle. Before I was bragging about how I'm the best Viberift player in the whole world but I'm not so sure about that anymore:

Everyone who’s following our team knows that we work with the Unity game engine. Since we started working with Unity it has grown greatly and became one of the favorite engines of the indie developers. Of course, like everything else, Unity has it’s pros and cons. In order to come to the point of this post I’m going to talk about some Unity cons.

A major con is that Unity does not have geometry editing tools out of the box while Unreal for example has it’s BSP brushes which can be used to build the foundations of each level. This lack in Unity is really bothering me as a game designer because it slows down the prototyping.

Another thing that Unity doesn’t have out of the box is splines. I don’t know if I’m way too much into splines but I constantly use them in every CG 2D or 3D package I work with.

So there are two problems I was trying to solve a while back – I needed this functionality and Unity just didn’t provide it for me. Unity, however, has something very clever up it’s sleeve. I’m talking about the so-called editor extensions. When a certain functionality is needed that Unity doesn’t have it can be ...