Sabertooth Frag

This is Frag the squirrel! The game is still in alpha stage of development so come support the development!



Musical, arcade, space battles! You'll find all this in our project - Viberift!



Today, 21.4.13, Dreamteck HQ starts. Some things are yet unfinished but most of the site works normaly.



We had the pleasure of being guests of the awesome Next TV! See what we talked about!

We have great news! Today we participated in Gaming Startup Challenge and we won! We competed against 4 other competitors - the companies: BigLoop Studios, Content Ocean, Casino Advizer and Velbazd. Each company presented themselves and their projects, we of course presented Viberift. This contest is a first-of-a-kind and it was very exciting for us to be there. We met new people from the industry, made new contacts and got useful advice which will help us in our struggle to find funding for Viberift! 
Димитър Цапрев получава наградата на Gaming Startup Challenge 
Митко и Вал с наградата на Gaming Startup Challenge 

Because we aim to be on Greenlight soon, we decided to make a short video in which to share some  of our Greenlight research with you.